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Ratio Legis Journal (RLJ) (ISSN 2830-4624) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Master of Law, Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Sultan Agung . RLJ publishes four (4) times a year they are in March, June, September and December. This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. The aims of this journal is to provide a venue for academicians, Researchers and practitioners for publishing the Articles of original research or review articles. The scope of the articles published in this journal deal with a broad range of topics, including: -Criminal Law; -Civil Law; -International Law; -Constitutional Law; -Administrative Law; -Agrarian Law -Criminal Procedural Law -Civil Procedural Law -Constitutional Law -Islamic Law; -Akhwalus Syakhsyiyah Law; -Munakahat Law; -Faraidh/Mawaris Law; -Army/Military Law; -Sea Law; -Economic Law; -Medical Law; -Custom Law; -Environmental Law, etc.. The articles published in Ratio Legis Journal (RLJ) are going through a double-blind peer review process. Hence, the decision on whether the scientific article is accepted or not, will be the Editorial Board’s right based on the peer reviewer's recommendation. Please read and understand the author guidelines for preparation manuscript. The author who submits a manuscript to the editors should comply with the author guidelines and template. If the submitted manuscript does not comply with the guidelines or using a different format, it will be rejected by the editorial team before being reviewed. Editorial Team will only accept a manuscript that meets the specified formatting requirements.

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Vol 2, No 4 (2023): December 2023

Table of Contents


The Juridical Analysis of Ownership of Heritage Objects Types of Sharp Weapons
Muhammad Aditya Saputra, Bambang Tri Bawono
Restorative Justice in the Implementation of Criminal Case Trials from an Islamic Law Perspective (Analysis of Inspector General Badilum's Decree No. 1691/DJU/PS.00/12/2020) Regarding the Implementation of Guidelines for the Implementation of Restorative Justice
Fadilatif Amin
The Implementation of Criminal Sanctions against Narcotics Distributor
Maria Herawatie
The Implementation of Criminal Sanctions against Persons of the Criminal Action of Embracing Money Around
Jhon Kennertony Nababan
Implications of the Ultimum Remidium and Primum Remidium Principles for Environmental Law Enforcement After the Issuance of Law Number 1 of 2023 concerning the Criminal Code
Ibul Gunawan, Anis Mashdurohatun
Juridical Analysis of Regulatory Policies and Judges' Legal Considerations in Juvenile Criminal Justice (Study of Slawi District Court Decision Number 1/Pid.Sus-Anak/2022/PN Slw)
Dewanti Nur Indrati, Aji Sudarmaji
The Death Crime Arrangements in the New KUHP Reviewed from the Perspective of the Purpose of Punishment Theory
Elyna Noor Dina Nazla, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
The Formulation for Implementation of Prosecution of Criminal Actions Causing Serious Injury at The Bone State Attorney
Erdito Wirajati, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
Policy Analysis of Employee Competency Development Systems Through Corporate Universities within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
Diah Yuli Pratiwi, Sri Kusriyah
The Implementation of Restorative Justice at the Investigation Stage
Rezmi Angga Aprianto, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
Implementation of Short Examination Events (APS) & Classification of Offenders in Handling Criminal Cases of Narcotics Abuse
Muhammad Ardian Firmansyah, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
Implementation of the Agreement at Bank Syariah Indonesia for Non-Muslim Customers Applying for Business Activity Financing (Case Study at Bank Syariah Indonesia Branch KCP Semarang Sudiarto)
Luckystha Candra, Aryani Witasari
Effectiveness of Implementing Diversion in Sentencing Case of Beating with Child Perpetrators
Melati Ayu Anjari, Andri Winjaya Laksana
Analysis of Judge's Decisions Regarding Fraud Crimes in the City of Semarang (Study Decision Number 495/Pid.B/2021/PN Smg)
Adi Nugroho Setyono
Application of Criminal Sanctions in Handling Cases of Sexual Abuse Against Students (Case Decision Study Number: 194/Pid.Sus/2022/PN.Btg)
Muchamad Hisyam Maulana, Andri Winjaya Laksana
Law Enforcement Against Children Perpetrating Violent Crimes Which Result in the Victim's Death (Analysis of the Semarang Regency District Court Decision Number: 7/Pid.Sus-Anak/2021/Pn.Unr)
Dimmas Prawira Pratama
Effectiveness of Implementing Restorative Justice (Case Study of the Semarang City District Prosecutor's Office)
Umma Farida
Resolving Crimes of Traffic Violations Through Restorative Justice (Case Study at Demak Police)
Ahmad Sholeh
The Role of the National Narcotics Agency of Central Java Province in Handling Narcotics Crime Abuse
Nadya Anggita Permata Sari
Alleged Crime as Reason for Divorce
Kusnadi Kusnadi
Effectiveness of the Role of Posbakum in Implementing Legal Assistance for Criminal Cases to Underprivileged Communities (Posbakum Pekalongan Case)
Soegeng Ari Soebagyo