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Journal Title in ROAD ISSNEduLite Journal of English Education, Literature and Culture
Short TitleEdulite
AbbreviationEduLite J. English Educ. Lit. Cult.
Publication Frequency2 issues every year (February and August)
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ISSN in LIPI2528-4479 (online); 2477-5304 (printed)
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National AccreditationThe 2nd Grade on Sinta: Scientific and Technology Index (SINTA2)
Subject AreasEnglish Education, Literature, and Culture
Chief EditorDr. Didik Murwantono, M.Hum
Citation AnalysisDOAJ; Dimensions; OpenAIRE; Google Scholar
PublisherLanguage and Communication Science Faculty
Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA), Indonesia
in collaboration with Persaudaraan Dosen Republik Indonesia (PDRI)


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EduLite Journal of English Education, Literature and Culture is a high-quality open access peer-reviewed research journal which publishes meaningful manuscripts within the fields of teaching English as a first, second or foreign language, English language teaching and learning, English language teachers' training and education, English language and literary studies, literatures, as well as cultures and language (more on focus & scope). Intentionally, this journal hopefully provides some valuable references and guidance to enhance people's knowledge and understanding on English language teaching education, literary works, and their implications to modern-into-postmodern cultures, both in Indonesia and other countries in the world. At last, the journal is really expected to have positive significant impacts on individuals, society, and the nations. It is published by College of Languages and Communication Science (former Language Faculty), Universitas Islam Sultan Agung twice a year in February and August. The article submission, as well as the review process, are not subject of any charge (FREE), but the publication fee (ONLY if published). It has been accredited LEVEL 2 or SINTA 2 on 14 January 2019 by Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as an achievement for the excellent quality in management and publication. The recognition was published in Director Decree (No. SK: 3/E/KPT/2019) and effective until 2023. This journal also has become a member of CrossRef. Therefore, all articles published by this journal will have unique DOI number.

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EduLite Journal of English Education, Literature and Culture collaborates with Persaudaraan Dosen Republik Indonesia (PDRI).


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The Change of Article Template


To improve the acceptability of Edulite's performance regarding the government's rule and the international standard on journal's template, we have made some changes in the template of article since the publication of Volume 3, Number 2, August 2018.

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Vol 8, No 2 (2023): August 2023

Table of Contents

Overseas and home students’ perspectives towards the implementation of portfolio-based timed-writing technique in composition class
Muh Syafei, Ana Cecillia Fajardo, Rusiana Rusiana, Achmad Hilal, Cherry Love B Montales
Students' motivation and engagement in the learning process of literature teaching using imaginative re-creation technique
Muhammad Rifqi
Comparing pedagogical competence performances of English and non-English educational background teachers in teaching English at an elementary school
Isna Rafika Dewi, Rahayu Puji Haryanti, Abdurrachman Faridi
EFL students’ readiness to have online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic among undergraduate students
Sherly Nanda Oktavia, Hartono Hartono, Elok Widiyati, Nani Hidayati
Piloting film-based intervention on santri's perception towards striving for academic success: findings from Kampung Santri, Kudus Regency
Nailil Muna, Elok Widiyati, Diyah Fitri Wulandari
The acculturation process of old Mrs. Pan reflected in Pearl S Buck’s The Good Deed
Destary Praptawati, Nevita Rizki Ariyani
Marginalized female in two song lyrics, Tragedi Cinta: textual-metaphoric representations
Sugeng Purwanto, Idha Nurhamidah, Endang Yuliani Rahayu, Liliek Soepriatmadji, Katharina Rustipa, Mesut Idriz
Translation shift and the equivalence in children’s novel “The House at Pooh Cornerâ€
Atsani Wulansari, Gilang Fadhilia Arvianti, Arum Nisma Wulanjani, Salma Annafi'
Critical discourse analysis of Fajriatun Nurhidayati’s Nyadran-Belajar Toleransi pada Tradisi
Evi Chamalah, Reni Nuryyati, Aida Azizah
PowToon software's impact on EFL students' writing of narrative text
Rima Zahrotul Muniroh, Mega Mulianing Maharani, Choiril Anwar, Nur Ekaningsih
The articulation of anti-Asian sentiment in America: Frames in BTS’ tweet and press release
Mister Gidion Maru, Dewi Kinanti, Fivy A Andries, Rahel W Kimbal
Washback effects of Google Meet automatic caption feature in assessing students’ pronunciation
Boris Ramadhika, Carolus Prima Ferri Karma, Rolisda Yosintha