Editorial Team

Editor in Chief

  1. drg. R. Rama Putranto, M.Kes., Ph.D, Department of Orthodonsia, UNISSULA, Indonesia

Co-Editor in chief

  1. drg. Rizki Amalina, MSi, Department of Oral Biology, Universitas Islam Sultan Agung, Indonesia

Associate Editor

  1. Solachuddin Ichwan, DDS, MDsc, Ph.D, Department of Basic Medical Sciences for Dentistry, IIUM, Malaysia
  2. drg. Islamy Rahma Hutami, Ph.D, Department of Orthodonsia, Universitas Islam Sultan Agung, Indonesia
  3. drg. Arlina Nurhapsari, SpKG, Department of Conservative Dentistry. UNISSULA.
  4. drg. Muhammad Dian Firdausy, M.Sc (DMS), Faculty of Dentistry UNISSULA., Indonesia
  5. drg. Sandy Christiono, Sp.KGA, Department of Pediatric Dentistry. UNISSULA., Indonesia