Amin Amin


This research was initiated by research gap of the experts research result. Ghafoor, Gillani et al
(2013) stated that achievement motivation affected human resources performance, while this was
controversi to the research of Alam and Mia (2012) which concluded that achievement motivation did
not affect human resources performance. This research paper attempted to estimate the effect of
achievement motivation and interpersonal trust on human resources performance through actionable
knowledge quality in Government Region Secretariat of North Konawe Regency. After distributing
relevant questionnaires among 104 employees, all usable questionnaires were returned. Then the
data collected were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling with AMOS 18.00 software. The
research result to the hypothesis showed that there was a significant positive effect of achievement
motivation to human resources performance and actionable knowledge quality. In contrast, there was
no significant effect of actionable knowledge quality to human resources performance. Furthermore
there was a significant positive effect of interpersonal trust to actionable knowledge quality and human
resources performance in Government Region Secretariat of North Konawe Regency. Implication to
the managerial policy of the research that 1) related to the achievement motivation variable, the
organization should create a conducive work atmosphere which invigorate work motivation, such as
keep cleaning, orderliness, noise avoidance, and manage enlightenment more available so that the
employees could enjoy their jobs and loved the challenging job for getting the goal aimed, 2) related
to interpersonal trust, the organization should build the trustworthiness between all employees, such
as build effective communication between top – low management so that it could trigger the new
knowledge creation like collective intelligence, 3) related to the human resources performance, the
organization should increase the employee performance appraisal system, such as job placement
based on employees’ expertise and evaluate every work result so that quantity, quality of work and
contribution to the organization wished always sustainable.

Keywords: Achievement Motivation, Interpersonal Trust, Actionable Knowledge Quality, Human
Resource Performance



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