IJIBE (International Journal of Islamic Business Ethics)

IJIBE (International Journal of Islamic Business Ethics) published by Economic Faculty of Universitas Islam Sultan Agung, in collaboration with Fintech Syariah Indonesia, is a publication medium for result of researchs conducted by researchers, academicians, and broad society in the field of Islamic economics and Islamic business ethics. Islamic economics is considered as a system that accordance with Islamic sharia principles and is aimed for the benefit of people and the welfare of broader community for either the present or the future.

IJIBE got P-ISSN 2502-0633 in December 2015 and E-ISSN 2502-4647 in January 2016. The first edition of IJIBE published in March 2016, then it considered that IJIBE publish twice a year in March and September.  IJIBE has been indexed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal) in 2019, and Sinta (Science and Technology Index) 3 in 2020.  IJIBE keeps upgrading the quality of the journal so that it could be a reputable journal both nationally and internationally.

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Vol 9, No 1 (2024): March 2024

Table of Contents


Determinant Factors Cross Generation Behavior on Halal Food Product: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia
Fatmasari Sukesti, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Mamdukh Budiman, Luluk Muhimatul Ifadah Ifada
The Role of Organizational Learning Culture and Workplace Empowerment in Improving Workplace Spirituality through Knowledge Sharing Behavior as a Mediation Variable
Satria Avianda Nurcahyo
Performance Improvement through the Unification of Islamic Work Ethics in Intellectual Capital : Comparative Study of Malaysia and Indonesia
Dista Amalia Arifah
Visionary Leadership and Dynamic Capabilities: Transforming Pesantren into a Social Enterprise
A. Faiz Khudlari Thoha
Recruiting and Selection during the Era of Umar Bin Khattab Administration
Samtito Shamsuddin Bolatito
The Effect of Credit Risk and Board Diversity on the Performance of Banks Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange
Adhyatma Ndaru Suhardono, Asnita Simamora, JR. Dwi Mas Sukma Agung, Henny Setyo Lestari, Farah Margaretha Leon