Vol 2, No 1 (2023)

March 2023

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30659/rlj.2.1

Table of Contents


The Supervised Investigation and Submission Techniques in Combating Narcotics Crimes
Winda Ayu Safira, Adhi Budi Susilo, Andri Winjaya Laksana
The Justice Collaborator Legal Protection in Cases of Corruption Crimes
Ahmad Muzaki
Law Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Violations Under the Road Traffic and Transportation Act
Ajeng Ana Mustifah
Legal Logic of Criminal Liability of Children as Perpetrators of Robber
Andre Setiawan
Implications of Unsuitable Motor Vehicle Modification Factors Causing Traffic Accidents
Ardi Dian Hidayat
Juridical Analysis of Investigation Process of Narcotics Trafficking
Ardika Nur Setiawan
Restorative Justice Efforts in Settlement of Misdemeanor Crime Cases
Djunaedi Djunaedi
Implementation of Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement as Forms of Legal Development
Ega Wahyudi
Construction of the Criminal Legal Process of Obscenity by Child Actors Against Child Victims
Endang Pujiati
The Independence of the Prosecutor's Office in Realizing Restorative Justice as a Criminal Paradigm
Erwin Rionaldy Koloway
Criminal Consequences of Human Trafficking in the Form of Prostitution
Estu Wiji Lestari
Implementation of the Authority to Stop Prosecution by the Prosecutor's Office Realizes Restorative Justice
Fandi Isnan
Law Enforcement Effectiveness Concerning Motorized Vehicle Modifications
Fandy Fandy
Juridical Analysis of the General Meeting of Shareholders in the Case of a Limited Liability Company Owned by Two Shareholders with a Balanced Percentage
Fery Ramadhan
Legal Responsibility for the Crime of Misuse of Firearms for Civil Society
Ganung Alif Mahatva Pratama
Authority of the Prosecutor's Office as a Single Prosecution System in Corruption Crime Cases
Guyus Kemal
Criminal Accountability for Obstruction of Justice Crime Perpetrators Seen from a Legal Perspective in Indonesia
Ika Lusiana
Challenges and Barriers to Natural Disaster Management
Irwansah Irwansah
Application of Criminal Sanctions Against the Perpetrators of the Crime of Arisan Money Embezzlement
Jhon Kennertony Nababan
The Role of the Police in the Legal Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) and the Crime of Trafficking in Persons (Human Trafficking) in the Batam City Area
Jonariko Simamora
Criminal Liability for Negligence of Drivers of Motorized Vehicles Causing Traffic Accidents
Erik Riskandar
Legal Aspects of Covering Songs on YouTube
Ahmad Rudi Yulianto
Functional Police Criminalistics Laboratory in Handling Hate Speech Crimes in Cyberspace
Wildan Sofi Ega Mustofa
Application of Criminal Sanctions Against Narcotics Dealers
Maria Herawatie
The Legal Position of Fingerprints in Revealing Criminal Acts of Murder at the Blora Police
Mulyadi Mulyadi
Application of Diversion in Completion of Violent Theft Crimes Committed by Children
Nani Kusmayati
The Validity of the Witnesses' Testimonial De Auditu in Proving a Criminal Case
Okky Prasetyo Ajie
Investigation Process in the Context of Enforcement of Narcotics Law at Polrestabes Semarang
Pradana Ferryan Wisnu M
The Relevance of Pancasila Values ​​in the Regulation of Sexual Violence Against Children
Prima Putri Nurina
The Urgency of the Public Prosecutor's Office to Implement a Restorative Justice Approach
Siwi Prasetyani
Law Enforcement Efforts by the Police in Eradicating Online Gambling Crime
Wahyu Adi Arisetyanto
Application of Criminal Sanctions Against Children Perpetrators of Narcotics Abuse Crimes
Yudi Sutardi
Formulation Of Justice-Based Narcotic Addictive Law Enforcement
Ach. Denny Wahyudi
The Legality of Wiretapping in Exposing Corruption Crimes In Indonesia
Ahmad Al Yuhri
Legal Protection for Children Perpetrators of Traffic Accidents Resulting in Loss of Life
Andry Fajar Irianto
The Effectiveness of Application of Electronic Ticket Laws Against Motorized Vehicles
Fadlan Fadlan
The Role of the Work Unit for Procurement of Goods and Services (UKPBJ) in Accelerating Development and Community Services
Ikoa Nuska
Juridical Review of the Agreement on the Provision of People's Business Credit (KUR) to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Jepara Branch Office Pelemkerep Unit
Muhammad Zen
The Effectiveness of Cumulation of Imprisonment and Fines Against Narcotics Offenders
Setyawan Joko Nugroho
Analysis of Judges' Considerations in Giving Free Verdicts in Cases of Murder Crimes
Sri Nuryani
Juridical Review Considerations of Judges in Giving Noodweer Decisions on Crimes of Persecution that Cause the Loss of Other People's Lives
Sutiyono Sutiyono
Implementation of Diversion Against Children Who Become Actors in Traffic Accident Crime Cases
Ardatama Bayu Ramadhan
Misuse of Personal Data as a Form of Perfect Crime in a Criminal Law Perspective
Buyamka Jaya Mughozi
Efforts of the Kendal Police Traffic Unit in Reducing Traffic Violation Rates
Ilham Syafriantoro Sakti
Analysis of the Imposition of Criminal Sanctions Below the Special Minimum Limit Against Narcotics Offenders
Inugraha Ala Aziz Puryasandra
Juridical Study of Law Number 11 of 2020 Concerning Job Creation (Employment Cluster) on Workforce Welfare
Indra Syahlan
The Role of the Police in Handling Criminal Cases Through Restorative Justice After the Ratification of Law Number 1 of 2023 concerning the Criminal Code
Andy Pradana Fendiarmo
Legal Protection of Parties in Cooperation in Radio Media
Kholifah Afiyani
Money Laundering: Efforts to Prevent Transnational and Organized Crime in Indonesia
Lies Rosdiana Maysari
The Role of Legal Aid Posts in Providing Legal Aid for Poor People
M. Latif Fahmi B.
Post-Divorce Child Custody Problems Based on Court Decisions
Nuryadi Nuryadi
Law Enforcement for Fraudulent Actors of Hajj and Umrah Tour Bureaus
Saifurrahman Saifurrahman
The Urgency of Reforming Indonesian Criminal Procedure Code to Realize the Implementation of a Balanced Judge Pardon Regulation (Rechterlijk Pardon)
Sigit Eko Prabowo
Legal Protection of Outsourced Labor in the Job Creation Law
Dienda Arum Pratiwi
Formulation of Murder Crime Investigation Based on Legal Certainty
Edo Indra Sukma
Klaten Police Law Enforcement Against Crime of Child Sexual Violence
Febryanti Mulyadi
Implementation of Regulations for the Management and Destruction of Evidence of Narcotics Crimes
Muhimah Rupadi
Analysis of the Implementation of Public Services Based on the Public Service Act
Rorys Adi Nugraha