The Portrayal Of Racial Discrimination and Its Negative Effects Portrayed In The Butler (2013) Movie

Vannodya Surya Aisyia, Riana Permatasari


This study focused on the analysis of racial discrimination based on the true story
that happened in America around the 20th century that was portrayed in The Butler
movie. The purposes of this study are to explain how racial discrimination is
experienced by the characters and to analyze how the negative effect of racial
discrimination. This study analyzed Cecil and Louis as characters in The Butler
movie and used the descriptive qualitative method. The data are taken from the movie
script such as dialogues, narratives, and monologues. Some steps used to collect the
data such as watching the movie, reading the movie script, identifying the data,
classifying the data, and reducing the data. The results of the analysis show that
Cecil and Louis Gaines as characters in the film have experienced racial
discrimination by white people in America. Cecil as the White House butler was
treated unfairly, such as receiving lower pay from white staff and helpers also
judgment due to his different skin color. Louis is Cecil's son and he is a student.
Louis also received unfair treatment such as going to colored schools because black
people and white people have different schools. Louis and Cecil got separate public
facilities because they were black people and black people and white people did not
share the same public facilities. The study also revealed that racial discrimination
hurts mental health such as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and irritability. The
character also feels other negative impacts such as general welfare such as low selfesteem, low life satisfaction, and low happiness.
Keyword: Racism, racial discrimination, and negative effect of racial

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