Mohamad Syahroni


The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the policy of criminal law enforcement against the crime of narcotics abuse. To find out and analyze the obstacles and solutions to the crime of narcotics abuse. This study uses a normative juridical approach, with descriptive research specifications. The data used in this study is secondary data obtained through literature study. The result of this research is that the Policy for Enforcement of Criminal Law Against Criminal Acts of Narcotics Abuse can be done by starting to provide ideas for renewal of Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics. The idea of legal reform through reformulation of the law has opened up more opportunities for law enforcement to carry out extensive interpretations so that it is expected to minimize the abuse of methamphetamine narcotics that are not listed in the attachment to Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics and law enforcement can be carried out optimally. Internal obstacles are the lack of resources of advanced technology equipment to match the technological sophistication of drug network syndicates in distributing and producing drugs, while external obstacles that come from outside are the ambiguity of articles in the Narcotics Law regarding the imposition of sanctions on victims of abusers, lack of participation and public participation as police intelligence to provide information and information in order to uncover and uncover cases of illicit trafficking and narcotics abuse. Preventive efforts are carried out to prevent the meeting of elements of intention and opportunity as a formula for the occurrence of criminal acts, by carrying out patrol activities. Pre-emptive efforts are guidance, counseling, rehabilitation and coaching that lead to the formation of a society that is obedient and obedient to the law, and is able to reject every form of narcotics crime. In other words, creating conditions for people who have high retention (immunity) against the occurrence of narcotics crimes.

Keywords: Policy, Criminal Law Enforcement, Narcotics Abuse


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