Vol 2, No 1 (2019)

March 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30659/jdh.v2i1

Table of Contents


Impact 0f Prosecution Against Infringement Ticketing with Numbers Traffic Accidents in The Jurisdiction of Police Resort Semarang
Rudi Hendri Basuki, Umar Ma’ruf
1 - 6
Constitution and Constitutionalism of Indonesia
Sri Praptini Praptini, Sri Kusriyah Kusriyah, Aryani Witasari
7 - 14
Due To Legal Determination Of Religious Courts Demak Decision No. 09 / PDT.P / 2018 / PA DMK About Adoption Realization
Rodiyah Rodiyah, Akhmad Khisni
15 - 22
Law Enforcement Against Liquor Circulation
Umi Wahyu Nurhayati, Amin Purnawan, Ira Alia Maerani
23 - 30
Government Policy to Accelerating Legal Certainty of Land Through Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) (Studies in Kendal District Land Office)
Siti Sulistiyah, Umar Ma’ruf
31 - 38
Restorative Justice In Application For Crime Investigation Abuse In Polsek Middle Semarang
M.Gargarin Friyandi, Aryani Witasari
39 - 44
Investigation Action Against Children Who Are Circulating Pharmaceuticals Stocks That Does Not Have Permission In Jurisdictions Police Resort (Polres) Kudus
Indra Narotama, Lathifah Hanim
45 - 52
Criminalization Analysis Of Gambling Crime In The District Court Of The Kudus And Policies That Will Come In Penal Code Reformation
Jajang Supriyatna, Sri Endah Wahyuningish
53 - 60
Special Measures for Crime Unit Police Resort Kudus in Law Enforcement of Infringement Currency Crime
Danail Arifin, Maryanto Maryanto
61 - 68
Criminal Investigation Polres Kudus Unit Efforts In The Prevention Of The Corruption In Village Funds Management
Luk Har Syan’in, Gunarto Gunarto, Widayati Widayati
69 - 74
Criminal Code Policy in The Effort of Corruption Prevention in Institutions Regional Disaster Management Agency
Masyhadi Irfani, Ira Alia Maerani
75 - 82
Analysis Of Criminal Liability Crime of Legislative Elections (Case Study Legislative Elections in Semarang)
Nur Muchammad, Munsharif Abdul Chalim
83 - 90
Corporate Conception in Terrorism Based on Act No. 5 Of 2018
Parikhesit Parikhesit, Gunarto Gunarto, Maryanto Maryanto
91 - 98
Police Policy in Kudus Resort Reveals Crime Conducted by Biological Mother to Biological Child
Tri Mulyono
99 - 102
Law Enforcement Against Transfer of Objects Fiduciary in Kudus Police
Agus Budianto, Umar Ma’ruf
103 - 108
Deradicalisation Crime Of Terrorism Actors By Police (Case Study In Police Jurisdiction Of Semarang)
Bagus Gani Setiana, Sri Kusriyah Kusriyah
109 - 114
Traffic Effectiveness by Law Enforcement Community Through Which are Ticketed Traffic Law in Police of Pekalongan
Bobby Anugrah Rachman, Anis Mashdurohatun, Achmad Sulchan
115 - 122
Implementation of Cooperation Agreement Between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police, Attorney General Office (Ago) in Handling and Crime Of Corruption in Indonesia
Cipto Dwi Leksana, Rakhmat Bowo Suharto
123 - 130
Legal Principles Under Criminal Law in Indonesia Dan Thailand
Anirut Chuasanga, Ong Argo Victoria
131 - 138
Application Of Criminal Sanctions Against Gambling Business Crime In The Kudus State Court Criminal Law And Policy In The Bill Book Of Laws Based On The Value Of Criminal Justice
Jajang Wiwoko, Eko Soponyono
139 - 146
Analysis Juridical Public Participation Formation of Regional Regulation No. 3 of 2017 on The Implementation of The Business Entertainment In Wonosobo Regency
Amin Syarifudin, Rakhmat Bowo Suharto
147 - 154
Role Of Announcers In Action Of Criminal Actions For Circular Fake Money
Ahmad Fatah, Gunarto Gunarto
Problematics Juridis Facilitation In Regional Development Planning Process (Study of Kendal Regency Research and Development Planning Agency)
Izzuddin Latif, Widayati Widayati