Vol 1, No 2 (2018)

June 2018

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30659/jdh.v1i2

Table of Contents


Police Role In The Handling Of Hate Speech
Zaldy Kurniawan
317 - 322
Effectiveness Through Crime Investigation Complaint Case Holds In Central Java Police Jurisdiction
Yuniar Pradhana Mukti, Gunarto Gunarto
323 - 330
Diversion In Children Criminal Justice System Through Restorative Justice
Yudi Hendarto, Umar Ma'ruf
331 - 336
Comparative Criminal Law Policy Positives With Foreign Countries In The Criminal Law Prosecuting Perpetrators Of Criminal Acts Of A Child In Indonesia
Tutut Suciati Handayani
337 - 344
Default In And Credit Agreement And Implementation Of Solution Efforts (A Case Study Of Decision 336 / Pdt / G / 2016 / Pn.Smg)
Dhika Rachmat Pratama, Amin Purnawan
345 - 350
Implementation Of The Police Role In Doing Control And Law Enforcement Against Police In Area Community Organization Indramayu Associated With Act No. 17 In 2013 Jo. Act No. 16 2018
Sunardi Sunardi, Sri Kusriyah Kusriyah
351 - 358
Completion Of Diversion As A Form Of Child Through Criminal Investigators By Restorative Justice Approach In Police Office Of Indramayu
Saepudin Saepudin, Umar Ma'ruf
359 - 364
Verdict Prison For Drug Abuse
Fahmi Reza
365 - 370
Role of Documentation and Legal Information Network (JDIH) Efforts in Fulfillment of Human Rights
Dewi Sukmaningsih
371 - 376
Investigation Procedures in Implementing Diversion on Case Against Children's Traffic Accident Police in Purworejo
Mochammad Ipnu Wardani, Akhmad Khisni
377 - 382
Law Enforcement Against Liquor Distribution by Police in The District of Demak
Misbakhul Munir, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
383 - 390
Implementation Of Decisions And Obstacles Administrative Court - Implementation Obstacles
Hasto Sasmito
391 - 396
Implementation Of Legal Protection Of Children As Victims Of Domestic Psychic Violence
Dwi Kurniawan
397 - 404
Legal Protection Against Children Being Victims Of Crimes Prosecution Stage In Kudus
Dedy Nurjatmiko
405 - 412
General Authority Investigators And Prosecutors Perma After Entry Number 2 Of 2012 Concerning The Adjustment Of Limitations For Crime And Number Of Fines In Light Of The Criminal Code
Dany Bramandoko
413 - 418
Adikmas Role Through Unit Dikyasa Figures In Pressing Traffic Violations By Senior High School Student In Jurisdiction Area Of Polres Rembang
Dadik Purnomo
419 - 426
Implementation Babinkamtibmas Completion Of Problems In Regency
Antonius Iwan Murdianto
427 - 432
The Investigation Process Prevention And Eradication Of Narcotics Investigator To The Criminal Abuses By Police
Ali Murtadho
433 - 438
Role Of The Center For Abandonment Of Property Law To Safeguard Assets Subsidiaries Who Still Under Age
Agustina Suryaningtyas
439 - 444
Role Of Prosecutor General Prosecution Of Actors In The Implementation Of Abuse Of Narcotics Crime (Case Study in Magelang District Attorney)
Arif Hidayat, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih
445 - 452
Attorney Role In Fighting Crimes Of Motorcycle Gang In Cirebon
Asep Sunarsa
453 - 460
Separate Filing (Splitsing) In Criminal Case Management
Hidayat Abdulah
461 - 460
Application of Criminal Sanction Policy Against Crime Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
Danu Anindhito Kuncoro Putro, Ira Alia Maerani
467 - 472
Investigations of Corruption in Police Resort of Pati
Miftah Anshori
473 - 478
Criminal Act Principles Policy Renewal of Criminal Act in Indonesia
Sidik Purnama
479 - 486
Handling Of Crime Case Relating To The Land By A Police Investigator
Sigit Prihanto
487 - 494
Consideration of Semarang District Court Judge's Decision in Case Dropped Because The Crime of Defense of Emergency
Zulfikar Hanafi Bahri
495 - 500
Legal Protection of Vehicle Users by Under Age (Minors) Viewed from The Perspective at Present Act No.22 of 2009 on Traffic and Transportation
Suwitno Suwitno
501 - 508
Wonosobo Regulation No. 3 of 2014 on Regarding Regional Organization to Achieve Good Governance
Ahmad Faqih
509 - 516
Implementation of Itsbat Nikah as A Way To Get The Legal Power Which is not Recorded
Achmad Budi Waskito
517 - 524
Evaluation Program of Garbage Bank as Development Efforts of Society on Garbage Management in Jepara, Central Java
Anita Dyah Asmaranti
525 - 530
Effectiveness of Law Enforcement on Mining Crime Without Permission (PETI) in Wonosobo
Budi Raharjo
531 - 536
Application of Law Information and Electronic Transactions in Crime Investigation of Online Gambling
Farris Nur Sanjaya
537 - 542
Handling Policy on Corruption Crime in Polres Tasikmalaya
Imanudin Imanudin
543 - 550
Implementation of Government Regulation Number 11 of 2017 in The Making Transparency Candidate Recruitment of Civil Servants in Custody in The Formation of Position Guard Regional Office Ministry of Justice And Human Rights of Central Java
Pudyastuti Kusuma Wardhani
551 - 556
Implementation of Government Regulation No. 2/2003 and Perkap No. 14/2011 on Code Enforcement in Polres Purworejo
Purwanto Purwanto
557 - 564
Restorative Justice in Application for Crime Investigation on Property
Ragil Tri Wibowo
565 - 570
Criminal Sanctions Against Publisher of Empty Giro in Polda Jateng Jurisdictions
Ridha Ari Setyono
571 - 576
Implementation Handling of Children in Dealing With The Law in Polres Purworejo
Setio Raharjo
577 - 582
Nomination of Regents Election and Head Deputy with A Couple of Candidates for The of 2017 In The District Of Pati
Supriyanto Supriyanto
583 - 588