Structure Design of Parking Building on Delta Areas

Bambang Wuritno


The case study in this research is Parking building (Tower C), Project Sunter Park View Apartment is a public facility that serves as a parking garage. It located on the Yos Sudarso Street Kav 30A, Sunter Jaya – North Jakarta ( on Delta Areas ). This building consists of 4 floors including the roof plate with a typical floor plan for each level. Floor to floor elevation is 3 meters height, so the total height of the building reach 9 meters height (less than 40 meters height). Review Design Parking
building structure (Tower C) Project Title: "Structure Design OfParking Building Sunter Park View Apartment With The Equivalent Static Analysis Method†, wherein the influence of earthquakes on structures analyzed by Equivalent Static method based on the Standard Provisions Design for Earthquake Resistance of Building Structures (SNI 03-1726-2002). Structural components of buildings designed by Special Moment Frame System Bearers (SRPMK) based on Procedure for Calculation of Concrete Structure for Buildings(SN03-2847-200). Foundations including the type of float because the soil under the foundation as a whole is a soft clay


Design; Parking Building; Equivalent Static Analysis Method; Special Moment Frame Structure bearers (SRPMK); soft clay

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