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Background: Abscess is infection caused of anerob bacteria. Maxillofacial
abcess aetiology was oral focus infection like dental gangren. Unproportional
treatment could make complication that makes sistemic condition patient worst,
gaster perforation. Objective : to present treatment bucal abscess case that
expanding to colli, thoraks and complication based on mistherapy about NSAID
with gaster perforation.
Case and management: A 59 years old man with chief complain colli abscess
and suspect gaster perforation with diffuse abdominal pain and distension
gaster since three days. Intraoral inspection was multipel dental gangren.
Ultrasonography showed gaster perforation. Incicion drainase was done and
eradication oral focus infection with repair gaster perforation under general
anaesthesia prosedure. Medication treatment with ceftriaxone injection 2x
1 gram, and paracetamol infus 3x 500 mg. Bacteria kulture was negatif and
hospitalization patient until 1 week.
Discussion: Gold standart abscess therapy is incision drainase, but there were
clinician not aware abiut that and choosed konservative treatment with antibiotic
and analgesic, so that less maximal theraphy. Complication NSAID analgesic
was gaster iritation, so unproportional drug treatment can lead gaster ulceration
or perforation.
Conclusion: It is important and consider drug choise for abscess treatment to
avoid worst complication development


Abcess, NSAID, Gaster perforation

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