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Background: Erythema multiforme is an acute and a self-limiting mucocutaneous
hypersensitivity reaction triggered by infections and medications. The most
common predisposing factors for erythema multiforme is infection with herpes
simplex virus. Herpes associated erythema multiforme (HAEM) is an acute
exudative dermatic and mucosal disease caused by the infecting herpes simplex
virus. Most common ages is in childhood.
Case and management: We report a case of recurrent herpes-associated
erythema multiforme in a 23-year-old female patient, with crustae lesion in the
lips and in pain. The patient had history of HSV infection. The patient had a
fever and prodromal before the lesion emerge. And the cutaneous lesion was
mistaken with the pimpleacne.
Conclusions: Although the etiology of EM is still often unknown, infections with
herpes simplex virus have been implicated as common predisposing a possible
precipitating factor. This case illustrates the association of the occurrence of EM
with a herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection and how to managed the lesion


Erythema multiforme, Herpes associated erythema multiforme, lips lesion, HSV infection

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