Transformasi Organisasional Privatisasi BUMN di Indonesia



This study, aims to examine empirically, the best possible relationship among variables of
organizational transformation, competitive advantage and performance. The research object
is the state owned enterprise (SOE’s) privatization in Indonesian. The analysis unit related
to the research method, involves a company while the respondents occupied by the primary
manager.The method used for testing the empirical model is the Structural Equation Model on
Partial Least Square. The strategic finding, taken from this research,implies in ways of achieving
performances. This reserch aimed to give theory implication on concept Resource Based
View will be meaningfull to create competitive advantage. Besides,the result gives managerial
implications that to improve performance need increasing organizational transformation to
increase competitive advantage. Creating competitive advantage can achive through direct
role of organizational transformation. Related to the government policy, the government should
attention resource in enterprises to become competitiveness as as mediating for successful
transformation organizational to increase performance. The future research should used
“longitudinal†component to play important role on supporting this study.
Keyword : Organizational Transformation, Competitive Advantage, Performance


Organizational Transformation, Competitive Advantage, Performance, unissula, fakultas ekonomi universitas islam sultan agung semarang

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