The Urgency of a System Approach in Efforts to Prevent Corruption in the Procurement of Goods and Services

Danutirtho Satrio Pinandito


This article aims toknow and analyze the system for preventing corruption in the procurement of goods and services based on Robert Klitgaard's CDMA theory approach. Secondary data in the form of Laws and Regulations related to the procurement of goods and services is elaborated with Robert Klitgaard's CDMA Theory, through a normative juridical approach. The orientation of the analysis uses the law and concept approach. The first results found: any loopholes indicated by the strengthening of discretion of officials with an interest in the procurement of goods and services need layered control in limiting their discretionary powers. Second: Monopoly variables in all stages of procurement of goods and services need to be watched out if practice develops the fact that it is narrowed down to a single supplier and technical specifications that lead to a single supplier.



Procurement of Goods and Services, Corruption, CDMA Theory

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