Muhammet Ebuzer Ersoy


Sea piracy, or piracy, is robbery conducted in sea, or sometimes in beach. It could be said that history of piracy occurs simultaneously with history of navigation. Where there are ships transporting merchandise, appears pirates are ready to have it forcibly. It has been known since the time of the occurrence of piracy Greece ancient. Included in the era Roman republic experienced piracy by the sea robbers. Since then they plow all the ships that are currently floating in the ocean near Borneo and Sumatra. However, the best in its long history written on 16th-17th century and it called as the golden age of pirates. But, the piracy not only in the past era, in the modern era as today, the piracy still exist as the criminal case in Somalia in 1990-2011, Philipine in 2016-2017, Dhobo accident in 2019 etc. The piracy is also can be called as Hostis Humani Generis it is mean the piracy is the enemy of all humans. The piracy ruled in UNCLOS articles 101-110 and in Indonesia is ruled in Criminal Law article 439-440. This article explains the international law of sea piracy, hostage release procedure and court procedure in International Criminal Court (ICC) and international punishment for pirate.


International; Law; Sea; Piracy.

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