A Form of Consumer Protection from Beauty Products that Contain Harmful Chemicals

M. Risyah Farras Deka Maghfira, Bambang Sugeng Ariadi Subagyono, Zahry Vandawati Chumaida


The purpose of writing this scientific journal is to understand and know the forms of regulation and legal protection for consumers against dangerous cosmetics that are sold freely by analyzing the responsibility of business actors for the products they market. In the formulation of scientific writing, the research method used is normative law with reference to the analytical and conceptual approach to legislation. Regarding the source of the data used in this study, it comes from primary legal materials sourced from statutory regulations and literature review. From the results of the study it can be concluded that consumers are required to be more careful and careful in consuming a product and item. If consumers have carried out their obligations and feel aggrieved, they have the right to obtain legal protection and submit existing legal remedies and business actors must also be responsible for their obligations. Here the role of the government is needed to convey education to the public, especially consumers regarding education on cosmetic products in circulation that do not meet predetermined quality standards and this can have an adverse impact on consumers who use and are users of the final product. The Consumer Protection Law accommodates two important principles, namely product liability and professional liability. Business actors are obliged to be responsible for consumers who suffer losses due to defects in the products circulated by business actors.


chemicals, beauty products, principles of consumer protection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26532/ijlr.v7i2.32301


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