Racial Discrimination And Its Effects Experienced By Katherine Goble In Hidden Figure Movie By Theodore Melfi

Genta Akbar Irianto, Riana Permatasari



This study aimed at analysing how the racial discrimination was depicted
toward Katherine in Hidden Figures movie and describe the effects of racial
discrimination experienced by her. This study belonged to a descriptive study
because the data were in the form of sentences. The data were identified and
collected from the movie script. The collected data were analysed using the
underlying theory, in this case was the theory about racial discrimination
taking place America as the settings. The result from the study indicated that
Katherine faced racial discrimination not only from individual but also from
her workplace, NASA. In her workplace, Katherine faced with limited
resource and opportunities in doing her job. In addition, she also got different
amount of salary; she got lower salary compared to white staff. In the movie,
it was also shown that the racial discrimination gave her some negative
effects. The effect of racial discrimination that Katherine faced was an
enormous psychological distress. She almost believed that she was not good
enough to continue working in that department. Katherine had faced racial
discrimination from her early age but those act still inflict enormous stress
toward her mental health. In short, this movie clearly shown that racial
discrimination can bring negative effects towards the people as the objects of
the unfair treatments.
Keywords: Hidden Figure movie, racism, racial discrimination, effects of
racial discrimination

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