Criminal Accountability For Actors Of Criminal Actions

Suparjo Suparjo


The objectives in this study are:To study and ffactors that cause driver negligence that causes traffic accidentsTo study and analyze criminal responsibility for the perpetrators of past crimes.The method used by researchers isnormative legal approachandspecifications in this study are includeddescriptive. As for the sources and types of secondary data obtained from literature studies. Based on the results of that researchFactors Causing Driver Negligence Causing Traffic Accidents are the human factor,This happens because of the driver's carelessness or negligence in driving his vehicle, the driver's carelessness often causes traffic accidents that result in death. Environmental factors, pthere was a traffic accident around the scene when the lights went out because the power went out and it didn't turn on so the suspect saw clearly the glare of the lights, there was a motorcycle vehicle, he didn't know it was coming from the opposite direction. Criminal Liability for the Perpetrators of Laka Crimes Then is regulated in Article 310 paragraph (4) of Law no. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation and Article 312 of Law no. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation as well as Law Number 8 of 1981 concerning Criminal Procedure Code and other laws and regulations related to this case sentenced the Defendant to imprisonment for 2 (two) years.


Criminal Liability, Actors, Criminal Acts, Accidents

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