Law Enforcement Against the Crime of Embezzlement of Fiduciary Guarantees

Galuh Rengga Saputra


This research hasthe purpose of reviewing and knowing the process of investigation, investigation and obstacles as well as solutions in the process of law enforcement of fiduciary crimes. This study uses a sociological juridical approach, because in this study it identifies and conceptualizes law as a real and functional social institution in real life. Based on the research, it can be concluded that in the process of law enforcement the criminal act of embezzlement of fiduciary guarantees in today's developments is affected by the community's need for motorized vehicles more and more and more and more unlimited. For example, financial institutions (banks, leasing, etc.) these financial institutions have a very large role in meeting human needs by way of credit or installments.


Law enforcement, criminal acts of embezzlement, fiduciary guarantees.

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