Duties and Functions of Corporate Centers in Supervision and Guidance of Corporate Clients

Hanggamurti Putri Utami


This study aims to determine the duties and functions of the Correctional Center in supervising and guiding correctional clients based on Law Number 22 of 2022. This research was carried out in the City of Semarang, Central Java by selecting the relevant agency with the problem in this journal, namely the Class I Correctional Center Semarang. By using a research method in the form of a sociological juridical method. The research specifications used are analytical descriptive. The data sources are obtained from primary data sources and secondary data with data collection carried out by means of field studies by conducting interviews supported by literature studies. From the research conducted, the authors get the following results, Supervision and guidance of correctional clients is the duty and function of the Correctional Center based on Law number 22 of 2022 in order to aim for correctional clients to be able to integrate healthily with the community, so that they can play a role. Return as a free and responsible member of society. The implementation of the duties and functions of supervision and guidance is carried out by the Community Counselor as one of the functional officials under the Head of the Correctional Center.


Supervision; Guidance; BAPAS

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