Policy Of The Role Of The Prosecutor Against Criminal Actions Of Criminal Acts Of Criminal Law In The Renewal Of Criminal Law (Case Study On The State Prosecutor Of Pekalongan City)

M. Sone Ridho Raharjo


The handling of narcotics cases tends to the perpetrators who are thrown into prison by the state who are still addicted to narcotics, this then makes the handling of narcotics offenders who are placed in detention inappropriate and ineffective and prevents narcotics. The policy of the role of the prosecutor as one of the important elements in the criminal justice system occupies a very important role in carrying out their duties and authorities in order to carry out law enforcement, namely the prosecution of narcotics crime cases in court, it is deemed important to conduct research on "Policy on the Role of the Prosecutor against Perpetrators of Category I Narcotics Crimes in Criminal Law Renewal (Case Study at the Pekalongan City Public Prosecutor's Office)". This research is normative and descriptive analysis. The legal theory used in this research is the theory of the criminal justice system, law enforcement, and the purpose of the law. The data used is secondary data which can consist of primary legal materials, secondary legal materials, and tertiary legal materials. The data collection technique is library research (library research). Data analysis is qualitative. In the enforcement of criminal law, reforms are needed in terms of renewal of criminal material, formal criminal law and the implementation of criminal reform. Reforms that are carried out through a set of elements can result in an act with the concept of the Draft Criminal Code which has just adopted the law as the main source of law, which is the Law, but expands the formulation of material laws that live in society. Furthermore, in formal reforms that expand with firm accountability and replacement of responsibility, implementation of reforms in criminal matters, punishments are applied which are formulated with the aim of punishment, namely community protection and protection. Criminal prosecution of narcotics perpetrators and criminal provisions against drug abusers must be prioritized in terms of treatment and care, rather than being immediately convicted and placed in prison. The goal is to prevent and eradicate illicit trafficking, to make it happen, it must first eliminate the effects of dependence that exist on drug addicts.


Role, Prosecutors, Narcotics Crime Category I, Criminal Law Reform

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