The Mystery Box Transaction Practice In The Perspective Of Islamic Law And Civil Law

Moh Roni Irfana, Aryani Witasari


This Study aim to analyze the practice of buying and selling the mystery box system on the site www.Shopee.comviewed from the perspective of Islamic law and civil law. This research is a field research using interview, observation, documentation data collection methods with a sociological juridical approach. From the results of this study, according to Islamic law buying and selling with the mystery box system is a prohibited sale, because in the sale and purchase clause the buyer is not given the right to complain and return the goods or in Islam it is called the khiyar right. According to Article 1320 of civil law, the sale and purchase of the mystery box system on the site is null and void because it does not meet the objective requirements, namely regarding Halal causes, which violate the provisions of prohibited items no. 1 and 2 which explain related to information in the store should be clear.


Buying; Selling, Islamic; Law; Civil Code.

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