Djoni Sumardi Gozali


The agreement through deliberation is a basis to determine the Land Acquisition for development for public interest. Furthermore, there is an argumentation that the agreement on Land Acquisition is similar to the agreement in a treaty as stated in the Civil Law Code. On the other hand, there is an opposite view disagreeing on it and stating that the agreement on the Land Acquisition is not the same as the agreement on our own argument as well. The result of this study shows that  the agreement between the parties is done at the preparation of Land Acquisition and during the implementation of land procurement. As for the differences in views on the position of agreement on land procurement, there are also views agreeing on Land Acquisition is unequal to the agreement in the law as the Land Acquisition is neither civil relationship between the parties, nor the relationship between creditors and debtor, yet a government act to acquire land. The agreement on Land Acquisition is restristed – limited time, therefore, there is no freedom in determining the agreement.

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