Deconstruction of the Principle of Legal Thinking

Sriyati Sriyati


The enforcement of human rights in Indonesia uncertain experiences ups and downs. This is due to the many national problems that overlap each other. The legislator’s point of view in formulating laws, political situations, economic flows and the diversity of ideologies that influence one another. The release of philosophy as a point of view of exploring values Becomes a cause that requires serious study. The straightforwardness of human rights in Indonesia requires stability in other fields simultaneously. So that concludes, that enforcement requires devices outside the area of human rights itself. That the Law is a container of moral values, must be explored together with a complete perspective. Law as a branch of ethical philosophy can not be ignored. Determining the roots of the human rights problem in Indonesia has an impact on the technical resolution that must be done. Fair since in law, does not guarantee that justice is created too. The enforcement of human rights is not only the responsibility of the legal commission, human rights Activists, Officials or related institutions. In developing countries like Indonesia, a problem is Often the caused by another problem. Then the solution must be Formulated together with the problems that form a series of cause and effect.

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Legal Reconstruction in Indonesia Based on Human Right
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