Reconstruction Of Legal Policy Interfaith Marriage In Indonesia

Moh Zeinudin, Dian Novita


The controversy about Interfaith Marriages continues throughout the history of marital law in Indonesian politics. Even today, Interfaith Marriages have not been Cleary and decisively regulated in Indonesian positive law, especially in Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage (UUP) the which is a Codification of the national marriage law that is applied in Indonesia. Such conditions of legal regulation, have given rise to a variety of legal and jurisprudential Interpretations of interfaith marriage laws, both of the which are granted, and Reviews those that reject the applications for Interfaith Marriages. Various research results show that Interfaith Marriages continue to occur in Indonesia by Exploiting legal loopholes and the diversity of Interpretations of the legal requirements of marriage According to religious law as stipulated in article 2 paragraph (1) UUP. This article will deliver an interpretation on interfaith marriage laws for over the years and the direction of a reconstructive legal policy in Indonesia.

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