Reconstruction Of Article 156 Paragraph (1) Of Law Number 13 Year 2003 Regarding Manpower As A Guideline For The Provision Of Workers’ Rights Based On Justice

Rahmatsyah Rahmatsyah


In the global era, the course of the economy is certainly conducted by employers and workers. But the work relationship with the work agreement is not always smooth. There are several disputes over industrial relations that are resolved through legal channels. In general, industrial relations disputes are resolved using Law No. 13 of 2003, but there are still many weaknesses inside, the regulation can be distorted and overlapping, and causing legal uncertainty, especially in Article 156 Paragraph (1). The purpose of this study is to carry out reconstruction in Article 156 Paragraph (1) to fulfill the element of justice for workers. This research was conducted using the constructivist research paradigm. The results of the study, to minimize legal uncertainty and ambiguity in making legal decisions, Article 156 Paragraph (1) needs to be emphasized by adding the length of time given the rights of fired workers and reasons for layoffs who are entitled to workers’ rights.

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