Political Laws Notary Honor Assembly

Muhammad Wildan Mahindra


The MKN is an independent decision-making body that has the duty and obligation to provide guidance or guidance in order to strengthen the notary institution in enforcing UUJN for everyone who carries out the position as a Notary. In carrying out its duties, MKN may conduct investigations on Notaries who are suspected of committing violations related to alleged crimes in the process of making authentic deeds. If it is found that there is evidence of a violation committed by a notary that causes harm to the parties, in this case MKN can give approval to investigators to be examined in the judicial process. If not, then MKN cannot give approval. Notary Honorary Council was formed, authentic. With the formation of the Notary Honorary Council, the MPD's authority is as contained in Article 66 paragraph (1) UUJN No. 30 of 2004 is no longer valid because it has been revoked by the Constitutional Court through decision No. 49 / PUU-X / 2012, but organizationally the MPD still exists as a notary supervisory agency in regencies / cities

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