Legal Due To The Implementation Of Absolute Authorization In The Sale And Purchase Agreement Before The Development Of Sale And Purchases

Bayun Kismantoro


Sociologically, the Power Giver can be said as an institution that is formed in social life. In subsequent developments where human activities are increasingly developing, granting of power is a legal act that is most often found in society in the process of legal relations and non-legal relations where a person wants himself to be represented by another to become his power to carry out all his interests. The power of attorney in its development has become widespread, however in this paper it is linked to a notais deed of a sale and purchase agreement where the power of attorney is one of the clauses, especially regarding land parcels. As a clause, of course with regard to contractual principles, because clauses are the main things that are promised from the agreement. In this case, the principle of consensuality, which has the most important meaning, is that in order to give birth to an agreement one must fulfill the validity of the agreement, namely the agreement, so that what is reflected in our minds is the persuasion of opinion between the parties without coercion with other words must be freely given. Touching on this issue in the engagement law, it is closely related to the principle of freedom of contract in the engagement law that what is called absolute power arises. In connection with the problems here, which are related to land law, it is necessary to pay attention to the related laws and regulations,

Keywords: Absolute power, binding and buying and selling

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