Legal Review of Personal Warranties Made Against The Notary of Lending

Nur Chamid


The purpose of this research is carried out because to find out whether the individual guarantee has guaranteed the settlement of problem loans at PT. Bank Mandiri Semarang Branch and how the Role of Notaries in Providing Credit using Individual Collateral at PT. Bank Mandiri Semarang Branch. This writing uses an empirical juridical method. Based on the research, it is concluded that individual guarantees in providing credit sometimes do not work as expected, in the form of lending there are risks, one of which is bad credit or problem credit. Banks will use various means so that the credit given can be withdrawn, before settlement is carried out through legal channels. Bank Mandiri (Persero) will issue summons to debtors up to three times. If the debtor does not heed the subpoena sent by the Bank, the Bank will collect directly. If the efforts that have been made are unsuccessful, then Bank Mandiri (Persero) will eventually take legal action. The role of notaries in the credit distribution system carried out by banks is to provide legal certainty for parties who enter into credit agreements, In addition to that, the roles of Notaries and Land Deed Making Officials are also the authorities to check the person who is pledged to ensure whether the guarantee is valid in legal eyes or not or to avoid if there is a possibility that there is still a legal dispute or legal case in the guarantee.

Key words: individual guarantee, made before a notary, against credit extension

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