Legal Political Strategy In Preventing The Understanding Of Radicalism In Indonesia

Beno Beno


Various problems of the nation, state and society are increasingly complicated by the emergence of radicalism movements in society, such as the use of attributes and issues of the rise of the PKI (PKI has attempted to carry out a coup against the Republic of Indonesia in 1948 and 1965), the movement with the vision of establishing a caliphate (HTI), the emergence of the ISIS movement in Indonesia, insulting Pancasila, insulting religion, insulting the state flag, accusing some people of being "anti-Pancasila". Malay village terror, terrorism, and the issue of treason against the government. In the development of the prevention of radicalism, The physical operations carried out by Indonesia are considered to have achieved quite encouraging results and the international community has given high appreciation for this success so that Indonesia has become a model in the International Counter Terrorism strategy. However, this success has not been able to stop this transnational radicalism movement. Radical groups are still recruiting new militants as did the Santoso group, ISIS, and so on.There are two legal umbrellas that can be used to reduce the fluctuation of radicalism that leads to acts of terror, namely: Law Number 15 of 2003 concerning the stipulation of Perpu number 1 of 2002 concerning the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism into Law and Law Number 9 of 2013 concerning Eradication and Prevention of Terrorism Financing Crimes. 

Keywords: Political, Legal Strategy, Radicalism Prevention, Indonesia

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