Effect of Jinten Hitam Seeds Oil (Nigella sativa L.) In adenocarsinoma Mammae C3H Mice In Vivo An Experimental Study on C3H Mice Inoculated With Cancerous Tissue

Agus Suprijono, Sumarno Sumarno, Hanugalih Hanugalih


Background: Jinten hitam (Nigella sativa L.) oil is a liquid made from Jintem hitam seeds which has been known to contain Thymoquinone having anti-cancer efect. Many cancer patients turn to cheaper alternative therapy including the traditional therapy. The objective of this experimental was to evaluate anti-cancer effect of Jinten hitam seeds oil in adenocarsinoma mammae C3H mice.

Design and Methods: In this xperimental research with pre post test randomized control group design for 21 days, 24 C3H mice with tumor were divided into 4 group. K-I serves as a control given standard diet and aquades, K-II given standard diet, aquades and first dose of Jinten Hitam oil (0.1 ml/days), K-III given standard diet, aquades and second dose of Jinten Hitam oil ( 0.2 ml/days) and K-IV given standard diet, aquades and third dose of Jinten Hitam oil ( 0.3 ml/days). The volume was recorded at the day 21.

Results: mean of the effect of Jinten hitam oil effect in adenocarcinoma mammae for the four group were 158.83 mm³, 259.73 mm³, 191.13 mm³, K-IV 126.27 mm³ respectively. Pair t-test and Wilcoxon test showed significant difference between First dose pre-First dose post and Second dose pre-second dose-post (p<0.05) and Anova test showed no significant difference between K-I K-II, K-I K-III, K-I K-IV, K-II K-III, K-II K-IV, K-III K-IV (p>0.05).

Conclusion: Jinten Hitam oil has effect on the volume of Adenocarcinoma mammae in C3H mice (Sains Medika, 3(2):129-134).


Jinten Hitam oil (Nigella sativa L.); adenocarcinoma mammae; volume.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26532/sainsmed.v3i2.395

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