Analisis Daya Dukung Pondasi Dalam Terhadap Negatif Skin Friction di Semarang Utara (Analysis On Deep Foundation Bearing Capacity For Negatif Skin Friction In North Semarang)

Rifqi Brilyant Arief


A deep foundation is often used on soft soil areas in North Semarang. Soft soil at these areas is about 25 meters deep. With the depth, the use of deep foundation results in considerable negative skin friction toward foundation. In a short term, foundations in soft soil take part in holding burden. In the long term, when soft soil consolidates, it contributes to push foundations downward. This makes security value of foundations decrease. In most of the cases, the difference of settlements among the existing buildings’ columns occurs. It results in fractural damages to the above structures. This research is aimed to identify the security value of several buildings with deep foundations. The age of the analyzed buildings is around 15 years. Settlement around these buildings has been identified based on the difference of elevation between the foundations supporting the buildings and the soil around the foundations. This indicates that the foundations experienced negative skin friction. The result of this research can be used as a reference in designing foundations for soft soil.

Key words : soft soil, consolidation, negatif skin friction

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