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Banking as a financial intermediary, both banks in general and Islamic banking in particular will always be faced with various types of risks with varying levels of complexity and are inherent in its business activities.

Islamic banking as a part of the national banking has obtained a place with the issuance of Law Number 21 of 2008 concerning Sharia Banking. Islamic banking also has potential risks that must be managed properly. In particular, risk management arrangements for Islamic banks do not yet exist, but the concept of risk management in conventional banks can be applied to Islamic banks by adjusting to the rules of Islamic law.

According to the Regulation of the Financial Services Authority Number 57 / Pojk.03/2016 Regarding the Application of Risk Management in Commercial Banks Conducting Customer Service Prima Jo. PBI Number: 11/25 / PBI / 2009 Concerning Amendments to Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 5/8 / PBI / 2003 concerning Application of Risk Management for Commercial Banks, that Sharia Commercial Banks are required to apply Risk Management for at least 4 (four) types of Risk namely Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk and Operational Risk.

Keyword : Implementation, risk management, sharia banking

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