LEGAL’S ROLE POLITICS AND THE EFFECT OF POLITICAL PARTIES IN GOVERNMENT Legal Politics of the Role and Interest of Political Parties in Government

Moureta Vitria Loreent, . Widayati, Rahmat Bowo Suharto


Legal Policy in the basic foundation in shaping and policies in governance. The government has state equipment in charge of running the government properly in according with their respective portions. The principal state equipment is executive, legislative, and judicial. Executive and legislative power is run by cadres of political parties elected in the election. Indirectly political parties are state equipment who have an important role in government. Political parties can also influence government in the policy making process. In its development, political parties experienced changes from time to time until now. Political parties become a container through their roles in the political system in society, namely as a place to channel the aspirations of the community to the participation of the community in becoming cadres of political parties. These cadres then sit and become party representatives as well as representatives of the people to convey the aspirations and interests of the community and take policies for the welfare of society. 

Keywords : Legal Policy, Political Parties and policy making process

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