Guidance to the Children Who Repeat Criminal Actions based on Justice Value

Achmad Arifulloh, Teguh Prasetyo, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih


The phenomenon of child involvement in unlawful behavior depicts many children who are involved in child mischief cases. Children who are under the auspices of the ChildSpecial Coaching
Institutionare victims of family and community life in today's modern era. The repetition of
criminal acts by a child, even once he/she was a prisoner in a Penitentiary is caused by the
existing guidance pattern in the Penal Institution does not bring a positive impression to the
perpetrator of the crime or to the environment in which he/she returns. The authors formulated the
problem, namely: How is child fostering to the children who repeat criminal actionsbased on
justicevalues of dignity? This research is based on constructivism paradigm. The research type is
descriptive analytical and used empirical juridical approach method. Primary data collection method
was gained by observation and interview. Secondary Data Collection Method used primary legal
material; secondary law materials; tertiary legal material. The data analysis used was descriptive
qualitative. Results and Discussion: the weaknesses in the guidance of criminal child are: First,
the factor of the Correctional Student, the provision of guidance to the Correctional Student is
done so that the Correctional Student does not repeat his/her mistake and can improve her/himself
better. Second is the facilities factor in Child Special Education Institution. Third is human
resources Factors. Human Resources (HR) is one of the important factors that cannot be separated
from an organization, both institutions and companies. Fourth is the community factor. Society is
an important component in determining the success of coaching. Therefore, the correctional
prisoners who have been out are depended on the association or education of the parents and the
If the  association and upbringing obtained  is poor, it will open a chance  the child will The 3rd International Conference and Call for Paper Faculty  of Law 2017 Sultan Agung Islamic University
becomerecidivist. The guidance of children who perform repetition of crime based on the
value of justice with dignity is the guidance of children who perform repetition of crime is said
as an effort to bring justice to dignity, effort to humanize; especially dignified justice for
children, because they have not been able to think about the negative consequences, either in
themselves or in society.
Keywords: Child, Crime Repetition, Child Guidance, Dignified Justice

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