Legal Policy of Investigator in Case Settlement Criminal Violence in the Household

Anwar Sanusi Simanjuntak


Criminal actsofdomestic violence include any act of physicalviolence, psychic violence, sexual violence or neglect of households conducted by, within and against persons within the household. Violence that occurs in a household does not always arise immediately, but occurs through a certain process. In general, the process of occurrence is as follows: (a) problems arise that strain, (b) followed by a rough verbal expression to the spouse or children, (c) harsh words followed by torture, (d) in this position of resistance will only increase the emotional outburst, (e) after satisfying emotions, the tension decreases, and the regret of the perpetrator follows. To improve the capacity of RPK personnel in the investigation and handling of cases of violence against women is done through education, so that will increase the knowledge of RPK personnel about the investigation in general. Organizing seminars / workshops aimed at providing information on the provisions / regulations relating to the issue of legal protection against domestic violence, as well as how to prevent and deal with violators. Efforts to combat domestic violence are urgently needed the role of law enforcement officers, especially the police as the spearhead of the criminal justice system.

Keywords: Investigators, Crime, Domestic Violence

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