Andhika Yuli Rimbawan, Gunarto ., Jawade Hafidz


Patient is a consumer who must be protected legally, especially when it comes to the

health of patients at stake. Hospitals providing health services using X-rays to patients should

be subject to the legal rules governing their use to avoid the harmful effects of X-ray use. The

purpose of this research is as follows: To analyze the legal protection of hospital patients on

the use of x-rays in the field of health that have not been based on fairness values, To analyze

the patient's legal protection flaws on the use of x-rays in the current health field, To find

Reconstruction of legal hospital patient protection On the use of x-rays in the field of health

based on justice values. The research paradigm in this study uses a constructivism paradigm

that the individual interprets and acts according to the conceptual categories of the mind.

Research approach in this research use socio legal research category where to see how far the

protection of hospital patient on x-ray use in the field of health based on the value of justice.

The results showed that the uncontrolled practice of X-ray use is not based on health

and humanitarian limits. In general, patients who want to go to the hospital for a diagnosis

will not be rejected and not given an appeal to delay the use of X-ray method because it has a

history that has more than one time using X-rays for examination methods within a period of

one year. This raises the commercial nature of the hospital and the malpractice of a doctor

because the patient is harmed in terms of material and health. It is also included in the

criminal offense which is included in the omission of the Criminal Code and the criminal

provisions in the Medical Practice Act.

The conclusions of this study are the protection of patient law on the use of X-rays

in the field of health to realize the safety and cure of illness patients and quality health

services by revising some articles consisting of three laws and regulations covering Law

Number 36 Year 2009 on Health, Law Number 29 Year 2009 on Medical Practice, Law No.

44 of 2009 on Hospitals and Regulation of Minister of Health Number 269 / Menkes / Per / III

/ 2008 About Medical Record. A medical record information system that includes patient

radiation records in the use of X-rays in the nationally integrated health field can be

established in order to realize a quality service in patient protection on the use of x-rays. It is

necessary to socialize the system both in public and private hospitals throughout Indonesia

even if necessary every health facility that uses x-rays.

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