Doni Adi Supriyo, Gunarto -, Akhmad Khisni


Problem married in Indonesia regular in laws number 1, 1974 it as accured for Indonesian

all since on October 1, 1975. Articles 1 of law number 1, 1974 : “Married is badle of body and

soul between a man and girl as husband and wife with happy and external family (house hold)

purpose based and God”.

From married definition unseble that married have purposed house hold to happy and external on

God. Almightry three for in legitimate or not provide of married is religion based that follow by

them shall to married beholding. This case regular in article 2 of law number 1, 1974 : “Married

is legitimation. If follow religion and religious consed beholding”.

Married if have been beholding by them have same religion it not problem never cheles,

but married have been beholding by them religion differ, this problem becoming.

In law of number 1, 1974 isn’t regular about religion differ married. Religion differ

married not marry differ which in article 57, where different married is a married between a man

and girl different nationality, and which one of them Indonesian.

From research can be conclution religion differ married is outside law number 1, 1974.

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