Strength And Weaknesses Of Omnibus Law In Indonesia

Saprodin Saprodin, Widarto Widarto


Omnibus law is a method or concept of making regulations that combines several rules with different regulatory substance, into a large regulation that functions as a legal umbrella (umbrella act). And when the regulation is enacted the consequence is to revoke some of the rules resulting from the merging and its substance subsequently declared invalid, both in part and as a whole. So Omnibus Law wants to answer two things at once, there are namely legal efficiency and harmonization of the law.In the description of writing, the problem is how are the strengths and weaknesses of the omnibus law in Indonesia?As for some of the benefits of establishing an Omnibus Law which is at the same time a force in the realm of positive law in Indonesia, among others: 1. Omnibus Law can overcome conflicting laws and regulations quickly, effectively and efficiently; 2. Omnibus Law can be able to uniform government policies both at the central and regional levels to support the investment climate; 3. Licensing management is more integrated, efficient and effective with the existence of Omnibus Law; 4. Omnibus Law can break the long bureaucratic chain; 5. Omnibus Law can improve coordination relationships between related agencies because it has been regulated in an integrated omnibus regulation policy; 6. With the Omnibus Law can guarantee legal certainty and legal protection for policy makers with existing. As for some of the issues raised in the Omnibus Law as well as its weaknesses are as follows: 1. Drafting of bills that are not participatory; 2. Omnibus Law has great potential in terms of environmental damage; 3. Omnibus Law is the centralization of licensing

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