Sandy Rosadi, Tutuko Wahyu Minulyo, Apriady Apriady


Land in human life has an important function, because the law has the duty to provide legal protection and legal certainty for land buyers. Land that is in a state of dispute often creates problems for land buyers who lack information on existing land status. So that in fact the practice of buying and selling land often neglects existing consumer protection. Therefore, writing this article aims to discuss the existence of the value of justice in consumer protection in the sale and purchase of land. As for this writing using sociological juridical methods. Based on the research conducted, it was found that data in the form of protection for buyers who have made repayment in the sale and purchase of problematic land is not yet fair, this is because the legal culture of the seller is often dishonest regarding the status of the land, and there are third parties related to the seller who are also demanding rights. -Right to a land which is also detrimental to the buyer. The existence of efforts through the judiciary in its development is quite long and expensive. Due to the lack of guarantee of legal certainty and legal protection for troubled land buyers, it will ultimately injure the principles of legal objectives according to Islam and at the same time the mandate of the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, this will certainly violate social justice for all Indonesian people


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