Apriady Miradian, Aulia Muthiah


Digital products are the result of current scientific developments. The development of science assisted by internet media is able to produce works of high economic value. Digital works have an advantage in terms of their distribution and products that are more practical. The advantages of this digital work cause the circulation of the product to sometimes get out of control, this causes a loss for the creator of the digital product. The economic and moral rights inherent in the creator require comprehensive legal protection.

Legal problems occur when the distribution of products cannot be controlled, causing product creators to suffer losses, because they do not get proper royalties from the products they have created. Juridically, a product creator is entitled to economic and moral rights from the product he creates.

The pace of development of science and technology is related to digital copyrighted works where legal protection for product creators is focused only on inflexible statutory provisions. So that progressive legal theory offers analytical jurisprudence which is based on the premise of rules and logic. For Positive (dogmatic) Legal Studies, the truth lies in the body of regulations. This is what Progressive Law criticizes, because seeing a law that is only in the form of articles clearly cannot describe the truth of a very complex law. So that digital copyright protection cannot only focus on the Copyright Law, but also uses the thoughts of legal experts and judges.


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