Review Generically About International Labour Organization (Ilo) To Health And Working Safety (K3)

Irene Svinarky, Zulkifli Zulkifli


In ILO (International Labour Organization) implement constitute guidance for states to apply K3 at its state, but default what does declared by ILO can be followed a portion and gets to be followed entire in each State. State that one can adjust order that issued by ILO as standard as, what can fasten to apply at each State. Base on this thing one makes writer interest to take title Review Generically About International Labour Organization (ILO) to health And working safety (K3). There is aim even that appointed from topic it is subject to be know ILO relevance that is applied in K3. There is method even research that is utilized in this research is empirical judicial formality, meanwhile data source of this research utilize primary data source and secondary data source. Wherever we work indeed that safety always been used or also been done. This is about how approach (approaching) that has 3 reason we need to manage safety work which is Moral reason, Legal reason and Financial reason

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Bapak Abdul Mutalib bin Ithnin (CEO) PT. SSTC Sertifikasi Internasional

Verawaty staff PT. Restu Bumi Lestari


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