The Criminal Action Of Criminal Drinking In The Perspective Of The Book Of Criminal Law And Islamic Criminal Law

Vidya Ayu Pratama


This paper seeks to photograph the criminal act of drinking according to KUP and Islamic Law. There
are differences between the two, among others, in the Criminal Code, not all liquor sellers are punishable
by punishment and people who are not drunk or drunk but still live at home cannot be caught by the law.
Here the KUHP still provides an opening for the perpetrator to commit this alcoholic crime. Whereas
in Islamic criminal law it prohibits the production of khamr (alcohol), its sale, the places that sell it, its
distribution, and so on. People who violate it means committing a criminal act and he must be subject
to ta’zir sanctions. So that Islam saves people from all the dangers that might arise because of khamr.

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