Interelation of Qiyās Ushul Nahwi & Qiyās Ushul Fiqh In Islamic Law Construction Framework

Anwar Saleh Hasibuan, Ghofar Siddiq


Qiyās in the scope of Islamic scientific studies is not only studied and discussed in the study of Ushūl Fiqh science, but also in the study of Ushūl Nahwi science it is also studied and discussed about Qiyās. This article attempts to analyze, study and explain the form of interrelation that occurs between Qiyās Ushūl Nahwi and Qiyās Ushūl Fiqh in relation to Islamic legal constructs by describing the forms of the relationship between the similarities and differences between the two.


Qiyās, Ushūl Nahwi, Ushūl Fiqh, Construction, Islamic Law

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