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The lockdown authority based on the laws in each country regarding Health Quarantine is the absolute authority of the Government. As stated, "health quarantine is carried out to prevent and ward off the entry or entry of diseases and / or community health risk factors that have the potential to cause public health emergencies." Therefore if there is a regional government that feels the region has an emergency situation and wants to do a lockdown, of course this is unconstitutional and there needs to be a consul from the regional head with the central government before making any related policies. Considering the emergency situation, the spread of the corona virus which has now infected many people (starting from December 2019 to June 2020) can be categorized as an infectious disease that can trigger public health emergencies, so that the implementation of national quarantine can actually be done especially with authority which is clearly stated in the legislation. But so far the central government has not issued a lockdown policy, even though the number of infections has increased. This is influenced by economic considerations during the lockdown. Economic decline, business failure to the number of layoffs by companies are the main considerations. Likewise, the risk of many workers will be fired (laid off) because the company or office is not operating. Not to mention the government must be able to meet the basic needs of the population during lockdown or national quarantine activities when enacted. The question also arises, whether the government is able to meet the primary needs of its citizens when the lockdown occurs.


Lockdown Policy; COVID-19; Economics; Layoffs; Government.

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