Perbandingan Penyerapan Air pada Resin Komposit Nanohybrid Sculptable dan Flowable setelah Perendaman dalam Minuman Berkarbonasi

Herlynda Cholishiati, Muhammad Dian Firdausy, Shella Indri Novianty


Composite resin is a dental restorative material could be classified according to the manipulation (sculptable and flowable) and filler size (microfiller, macrofiller, hybrid, and nanohybrid). Composite resin producers develop flowable composite resin that could be used in all cavities, namely G-Aenial Universal Flowable. Composite resin had the disadvantage of water absorption could affect were matrix resin composition, filler particle size, and polymerization reaction. Indonesian society loved carbonated drinks, one of them was coca cola which had a low pH and acidic.

The aim of thiese study was to determine the ratio of water absorption in nanohybrid sculptable and flowable composite resin after soaking in carbonated drinks. These study used a type of experimental laboratory research with pre-post test design, carried out by dividing into 2 sample groups namely G-Aenial sculptable (I) and G-Aenial Universal flowable (II). The data of these study was carried out the Independent T test. The mean water absorption I = 11.94 µg/  and II = 12.78 µg/  was obtained. Independent T test results obtained with p = 0.814, which means there was no significant difference.

These study had the conclusion that after immersion in large carbonated drink the absorption of water in G-Aenial sculptable and G-Aenial Universal flowable was relatively similar. The amount of G-Aenial sculptable water absorption was smaller than the flowable G-Aenial Universal.

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