American Dream Values Experienced by Chinese Immigrant in Jean Kwok’s Girl In Translation

Fany Claudarista, Didik Murwantono


A debut novel written by Jean Kwok in 2010 was Girl in Translation. In her novel, Jean Kwok wants to point out the efforts of the immigrant who want to achieve the dreams known as the American Dream. Kimberly Chang is the main character that experiences various difficulties to achieve her dreams in America. Kimberly Chang is an immigrant who moves from Hong Kong to America when she was young with her mother, Mrs. Chang. Kimberly begins to learn the English language, go to school, and work in a factory so that adjusting to the new environment she had just experienced. She faces many difficulties and obstacles which block her dreams. This research analyzes the pursuit of the main character’s American Dream as reflected in Girl in Translation novel. This research aims to describe the American Dream Values in the main character of the novel in pursuing the American Dream. This study uses James T. Adam’s American Dream theory. The method used in this study was descriptive qualitative. Girl in Translation novel was the primary data in the form of monologues and dialogues in the novel. The secondary data were taken from the e-books, e- journals, essays, articles, and websites.
Keywords: Immigrants, American Dream, American Dream Value

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