Sulaiman Nandihanta Rezzi Suharso, Andri Winjaya Laksana



Nowadays the threat of narcotics distribution is increasingly endangering the community, with the increasing number of evidence of narcotics abuse being destroyed it can minimize the circulation of narcotics in the community. Destruction of narcotics misuse evidence is a very important stage in the legal process of narcotics cases, because this stage aims to protect the public from the dangers of narcotics distribution and educate the public about the dangers of narcotics. The evidence of narcotics misuse itself is a good variety of tools used to obtain narcotics, narcotics use equipment, and the results of narcotics transactions.

The Semarang City Prosecutor's Office through the Prosecutor according to Law No. 16 of 2004 has the role and function of carrying out the court's decision and execution by having to look at the applicable regulations regarding a case, but in practice some parts are not in line with the existing regulations there is. The prosecutor carries out his role and function in the destruction of evidence of narcotics misuse, sometimes experiencing obstacles so that the implementation of the destruction does not run smoothly

This study uses a sociological juridical approach, descriptive research specifications by linking the laws and regulations with practice, using research data collection techniques by interviewing and observing and studying literature

The conclusion obtained by the author in this study The true role and function of the Prosecutor in the implementation of destruction of evidence of narcotics abuse is not different from the implementation of destruction of evidence obtained from general criminal acts in which the Prosecutor remains as the executive officer carrying out the judge's decision must comply with applicable regulations in carrying out the destruction of evidence of narcotics abuse is not limited to carrying out the ammar verdict, but also identifies the type of narcotics evidence itself

In the implementation itself there are stages that must be carried out by the Prosecutor and have been regulated by the applicable laws in Indonesia, in this implementation the Prosecutor's Office also encounters several obstacles in carrying out his duties both in terms of internal and external aspects which should be avoided by the parties Semarang State Prosecutor's Office

Keywords; Narcotics, roles and functions of prosecutors, prosecutors, the destruction of narcotics evidence

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