Fungsi Dan Peran Hakim Pengawas Dan Pengamat Di Wilayah Hukum Pengadilan Negeri Kudus

Anwaruddin Anwaruddin, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih



One of the functions and roles of judge is to hear and decid cases, in addition to the judiciary appointed by the head of the distric court,has the function and role to conduct supervision and observation in accordance with article 277 of the criminal procedure code.”this study aims to find out what the function and roles of the supervising judges and observers are in the area of the holy district court and what are the obstakles faced by the supervisor and observer in the holy distric court area in carrying out their functions roles.

The research method used in this thesis is to use a sociology juridical method whose sources are obtained trough interviews ( direct research in the field) date analysis is carried out systematically, namely regarding the reduction of data presentation of data up to drawing conclusions.

Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the implementation of the functions and roles of the supervisor and observer judge are devided into two things namely the supervisory function which includes carrying out the examination and signing of the register of grace , examining the minutes of the execution of the decision, carriying out physical condition observations at the correctional institution, conduct interview with prison officers about prisoners behavoir and prisoners regarding the treatment of themselves, as well as relathionsships between fellow prison officers, examine the relathionship between the coordinator and the head correctional institution and correctional prison in problem solving, examine the rights of fellow prisoners and correctional officers-rights of Prisoners.

The observation function includes, observing the behavoir of prisoners and gathering prisoners’ data according to the type of criminal act, evaluating the relationship between the behavoir of Prisoners and sentenced criminal which if released will become a good member of the community.

Permits that must be completed in the implementation of the function and roles of the supervisory judge and observer in the area of the holy district court, namely that the number of supervisory judge and observer judges and presoners is not comparable, there are duplicate duties  by the supervisory judges and observe,r late in the Minutes of Executios of the decision of the Public presecutor,busy handling cases in the holy distric court and weak coordination in the delivery of letters notification of visits to the holy prison.  There has been an eror in the execution of a child’s decisions due to lack of coordination between the public prosecutor and the holy prison.

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